School Recycling Programs & Information

If you would like to start a recycling program at your school for beverage containers, paper, and/or cardboard, or for stickers to label your indoor containers for plastic bottles and aluminum cans, please contact Kyle Loreto, Diversion Programs Manager at 209-723-4481  x 224 or via email:
Plastic Bottles Sticker

Tips to Start a School Recycling Program

  1. Receive approval from the principal to organize a program. Also let the custodial staff know about the program.
  2. Decide which items the program will include (only CRV containers, only paper, or commingled materials?) This usually depends on who will be collecting the materials (will it be a class or will the materials be picked up by a hauler?).
  3. Label containers. Stickers are available, or you can design your own and place them on containers.
  4. Place containers based on where materials are generated. Cardboard will primarily come out of the cafeteria and office. Paper will primarily be generated in classrooms and near printers/copy machines. Bottles and cans usually accumulate in staff break rooms, classrooms and food areas. Note: A recycling container easily turns into a trash container if it's the only container nearby, so try to place each recycling container next to a trash can.
  5. Generate awareness. If you're able to, have i) an email blast sent out to staff about the recycling program, including information about which items are going to be collected, which items are not allowed, where containers are located, and who they can contact if they have any questions. If collecting CRV bottles/cans, you may want to mention what the collected funds will be used for; ii) put up posters/flyers to promote the program. These can be printed from websites, or students can design their own.
  6. Realize there'll be hiccups. Identify what may not be working, and see how the program can be improved.