Recycling Market Development Zone Program

Recycling Market Development Zone
Through the California Department of Recycling Resources and Recovery (CalRecycle), the RMDZ Program offers low-interest loans and other incentives to businesses that turn otherwise wasted materials into new products and expand markets for recyclable materials.

Are you a manufacturer or processor that:
  1. Uses (or plans on using) post-consumer, industrial and/or agriculture materials to make a new product?
  2. Located (or looking to locate) within Merced County?
If so, please contact the Merced County Regional RMDZ Administrator at:

Merced County Regional Waste Management Authority

7040 N Highway 59
Merced, CA 95348

Phone: 209-723-4481, ext. 210
Fax: 209-384-3109

As a potential RMDZ business, you may qualify for low-interest loans for the purchase of equipment and other relevant business costs.

In addition to loans, CalRecycle offers product marketing (at no cost) through the RecycleStore.

Current RMDZ Businesses Within the Merced County Regional Zone

Central Valley Concrete/Central Valley Trucking in Merced

Recycling asphalt and concrete into recycled products
Central Valley Concrete Website
Phone: 209-383-7292

Ortigalita Power in Merced

Turning unusable wooden pallets and other wood/organic waste into energy
Golden State Pallet and Crate
3227 Beachwood Drive, Merced 95348
Phone: 209-388-9474

Additional information can be found on CalRecycle's RMDZ webpage.