Disposal Costs

Common Material Types & Cost per ton (2000 lbs = 1 ton)

  • General trash: $43.05/ton, minimum charge of $19
  • Brush: $21/ton (minimum charge of $10)
    Note: Oleander, palm and yucca are considered General Trash
  • Mattresses/Box Springs: Ten (10) free to residents and approved businesses. Additional, per-count charge of $5 each
  • Non-refrigerated Appliances: Additional, per-count charge of $10 each
    Includes: Microwaves, ovens, dishwashers, water heaters, etc.
  • Refrigerated Appliances: Additional, per-count charge of $18 each
    Includes: AC units, freezers, refrigerators, plug-in water dispensers, etc.
Effective November 18, 2013, all loads of materials will be weighed.

Covered Pickup Beds

Pickup/trailer loads must be covered. Failing to do so may result in an "uncovered load" charge. Covering of refuse loads is required under littering regulations as well as California Vehicle Code, Section 23115: (a) No vehicle transporting garbage, swill, used cans or bottles, wastepapers, waste cardboard, ashes, refuse, trash, or rubbish, or any noisome, nauseous, or offensive matter, or anything being transported for disposal or recycling shall be driven or moved upon any highway unless the load is totally covered in a manner that will prevent the load or any part of the load from spilling or falling from the vehicle.

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